The University of Lille attaches great importance to making its websites as accessible as possible. To this end, we are committed to respecting the RGAA 3.0 (General Accessibility Framework for Administrations) and have implemented navigation and reading aids on our website (contrasted version, menu keyboard accessibility, replacement font for people with dyslexia..)

Style sheets for separation of content and form

The use of style sheets ensures the separation of the formatting of the site and its content. This keeps a consistent reading order in the structure of each page to allow effective navigation if the use of CSS is disabled.


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"CTRL" and "mouse wheel"
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Browser menus: View> Text size


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  • A contrasting version of the site respecting the colorimetric criteria of the RGAA is available.


  • For people with dyslexia we offer a substitution policy allowing better reading on the site.
    A "Dyslexia" link is permanently available at the top of each page.

Images and links

  • Information-bearing images, graphics and links are explicitly named for a clear description of the content.

The University of Lille is a member of the Handicap University Business Convention (CHUE) which brings together 10 partner companies *.

This multi-partner agreement allows our university to:

- mobilize the necessary means so that these training courses take place in an ordinary environment,
- offer pupils / students with disabilities the decisive material and human help so that they can envisage higher education courses and bring them to completion,
- ensure close collaboration between secondary education, higher education and businesses in order to offer them training paths promoting their social and professional integration.

To this end, the university has embarked on a process of making many services accessible, which it offers to its students and future students both in the digital field and in the accessibility of premises, etc.

Compliance of digital services in progress:

  • University website (RGAA 3.0 AA +)
  • Transcripts of institutional, scientific and educational videos
  • Training component websites, faculties (RGAA 3.0 AA +)

* The 10 member companies of CHUE: Atac, Auchan, Bayer, Bonduelle, Capgemini, Cyrillus-Vertbaudet Group, Happychic, Manpower, Promod, Société Worldline du Groupe Atos and Thales